Referral Partners

To Rethink Rideshare means rethinking how riders and drivers are recruited to the platform. Existing models pay commissions only once for a referral (if at all) and give no incentives for your referrer to help keep you on the road by giving you tips and tricks. 

Rethink Rideshare is different. Drivers like myself have chosen to become driver referral partners. When you come aboard my team, you will be joining people who will be working together to help each other be the best drivers we can be. Here are some of the possible commissions that come with being an referral partner. 

  • $25 for any new driver you refer. 
  • $0.40 (on average) for every ride a passenger who you referred takes. 
  • 30-50% of the driver subscription fee when drivers pay their monthly subscription fees. (30% when a rider is a referral partner, 50% when a driver is a referral partner). 

If you are ready to join my team or if you want to learn more information or ask me question you can either go to the Rethink Rideshare Team page on Facebook or you can fill out the comment form below and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.