If you are a rideshare veteran or new to the so called “gig economy” you’ll find no better team than the Rethink Rideshare Team. My team will include rideshare veterans who will work with you to make sure you are prepared for the road. In the weeks and months to come we will be adding many more and not only will we all be making money driving in the cities that we live in, we will also be helping each other by sharing the best practices, tips, and tricks to be a top rated rideshare star. 

What makes this company different than the others? With Tryp™ you pay an up front subscription cost based on how much you want to drive each month. Then, you keep 100% of your fares (after the booking fee of course, your ride needs to be insured after all). The other guys charge riders more money and keep your rate the same. By rethinking rideshare, Tryp™ enables you to keep more of the money you worked hard to earn.  

And for no additional cost (on top of your monthly driver subscription) you can refer passengers and drivers to the platform. You will make commissions, on average, $0.40 per ride taken by a passenger you refer. You will also make 50% comissions from any monthly subscription fee paid by drivers you refer. The other guys limit how much commissions you can make by referring each new driver (and in some markets they have eliminated the referral program entirely). 

Don’t just complain about how the other companies keep cutting your pay, join me and rethink rideshare today!